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Armand Gavage, Eagle/Swaz test fire proof   

Beretta 1935, w/waffenamt                            

Czech CZ24, w/waffenamt                             

Japanese Grandpa Nambu                              

Japanese Triple Barrel Flare Pistol                 

Japanese Type 44 Carbine, 2nd front band    

Japanese Type 94, slab grips                           

Japanese Type 100 Paratrooper                      

M1 Garand, Win 13 variation                         

M1 Carbine, Commercial Controls                 

P.08 byf 42 black widow                                

P.08 byf 41                                                     

P.08 Ku marked variation                               

P.08 Simson S code variation                          

P.38 svw Police marked                                 

P.38 zero series, 1st variation                         

P.38 ac 40 added                                            

P.38 ac 45 FN frame                                      

P.38 ac 45 zero series                                     

Radom, Polish Eagle, w/waffenamt                

Radom, bnz marked slide                                

Tokarev TT33, war dated                               

Unique Model 16, w/waffenamt                     

Walther PPK, hi gloss w/waffenamt               

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