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P.38 Pistol - 0 Series, 2nd variation

The marking on the left side of the slide tell the story of the Zero Series P.38s.  They still maintain the Walther Banner logo (hints of a commercial origin), but with a number 0 prefixing the serial number (indicating something non-standard).  These were the trial pistols made and issued to German military units for field trials and evaluation.

This 2nd or transitional variation is identified by exposed (standard) extractor, coupled with a rectangular base firing pin.  This combination of features is extremely rare.  In fact, this is arguably the most rare of WWII military P.38s.

This piece is a restored, former Russian captured pistol with an armourers replacement barrel, replaced and numbered to the gun during the war (possibly due to battle damage).  It is in a similarly field depot repaired joa 1943 hardshell holster.


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