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P.38 Pistol - cvq, letter prefix

Aside from their noticeably rough machining, Spreewerke P.38s are known for NOT having a 2 digit year stamped on the slide under the maker code.  When Walther and Mauser reached 10000 z, they simply started over because the year could differentiate otherwise duplicate serial numbers.  Spreewerke could not do that.  Their solution was to move the serial number letter block to prefix, instead of suffix the number.  So after cvq P.38 serial number 10000 z, came serial number a 1.  The unlettered block could not be use since it would have no differentiation from the 1942 unlettered block.

This specimen  is one such example with an a block prefix.

This piece is in excellent original condition, all matching with both correct magazines.  It is in a proper gxy 44 brown softshell holster.


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