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P.38 Pistol - cvq, late code change

For reasons unknown, Spreewerke underwent a change in their maker code, from cyq to cvq.  The theories and explanations as to why vary, with the two dogmatic camps being: 1) The cvq's are from a broken stamping die; or 2) The cvq's are an intentional change.

In my opinion, there statistically should be broken "y" die strikes which would explain an occasional cvq.  However, the lack of similar Mauser bvf controversy, says that there is something more than just an occasional broken die or light die strike.

First found in the o block serial number suffixes, and then again from the z block on, the consistent and range of cvq marked P.38s is too consistent and too large a range to be explained away as a broken die.

All other explanations aside, it is undisputible that from the late z serial number suffix block on, Spreewerke made slides were marked with a cvq.  This piece is one such example from the late z block.

This piece is in excellent original condition, all matching with both correct magazines.  It is in a proper fkx 44 softshell holster.


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