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P.38 Pistol - byf 44, second alpha series

Mauser had a unique way of sequencing serial number letter blocks.  Unlike Walther, who started over with the unsuffixed numbers (followed by the a block, then the b block, ...), Mauser kept going as if a new year did not matter.  Therefore the 1942 production was in the initial unsuffixed block.  1943 production proceeded from the same block through about the p or q block.  1944 production picked up at the p and q blocks through the z block.  Mauser then started over with serial number 1 and proceeded up to about the d block.

Therefore, a 1944 dated Mauser P.38 in the no letter, a or b number block was actually made AFTER one in the r through z blocks.

This first piece is proof that the restart of numbering did begin with no letter suffix.  Any doubt is resolved by the late waffenamts, which were instituted after the p letter block.  It is in excellent original condition, all matching with both correct magazines.

This second piece is a typical of the late 1944 all blue production just prior to the introduction of the phosphate finish.  It is in excellent original condition, all matching with both correct magazines.  It is in a proper gmo 44 hardshell holster.


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