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P.38 Pistol - ac 43, Single Line

In late in 1943 Walther apparently started using a new machine for stamping the maker code and year on the slide of their P.38 pistols.  Instead of these being "stacked" with the code over the year next to the "P.38" mark, they were now marked in a single line of text just before the serial number.  This "straight line" variation (found on all 1944 and 1945 dated Walther P.38s) was only employed for a short period at the end of 1943.  It is common to find this variation with "out of sequence" slide marks on the right side, like this one.

This is the second most rare 1943 variation since it was only manufactured for about 2 months at the end of the the year.  This piece is in original condition, all matching with both correct mag.  It is in a proper cww 1943 hardshell holster.


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