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P.38 Pistol - ac 40

This model constitutes the majority of 1940 made P.38s.  Production problems during the year, and the fact that these pistols experienced combat attrition from Norway to VE day makes them rare.

The number 4 in the date of most ac 40s had an open top.  For some reason Walther also used a die on some date stamps with a closed top 4 in the date.  They are rare and easy to overlook.

This first piece is an extraordinary original condition closed loop 4 variation.  It is all matching, except the mag.  It is in a proper bdr 1941 hardshell holster.


The red arrow points to the discolored circle found on hi polish P.38 slides.

This second piece is an open loop 4 variation in very good original condition.  It is all matching, including the mag.  It is in a proper ?? holster

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