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Model HP Officer Purchase

ac 41, 1st variation ac 44, standard
Model P.38 Officer Purchase ac 41, 2nd variation ac 44, subcontract parts
Model HP Military

ac 41, 3rd variation (military blue)

ac 44 trigger guard eagle
Luftwaffe Sample (one of a kind) ac 42, early marking ac 45, standard
0 Series, 1st Variation ac 42, transitional marking ac 45, late features
0 Series, 2nd (transitional) variation ac 42, late marking ac 45, subcontract parts
0 Series, 3rd Variation ac 43, early design ac 45, factory mismatch
480 Code ac 43, late design ac 45, zero series

ac No Date

ac 43, small 43 stamp Depot Rework Marked

ac 40, date added

ac 43, single line inscription  
ac 40 ac43 trigger guard eagle  


byf 42 byf 43, late waffenamts byf 44, missing waffenamt
byf 42 waffenamt marked parts byf 44, early waffenamts byf 44, all phosphate
byf 43 dusty blue byf 44, mixed waffenamts Mauser script ac, FN slide
byf 43 military blue, early design byf 44, 1st alpha series svw 45, dual tone
byf 43, late design byf 44, 2nd alpha series svw 45, all phosphate
byf 43, mixed waffenamts byf 44, dual tone byf 44 ac frame


cyq early design cvq early code change cvq 0 prefix series
cyq late design cvq late code change cyq subcontract parts
cyq hybrid design cvq letter prefix SS Presentation Pistol (one of a kind)

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