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Norwegian Model 1914 Pistol

This is arguably the most rare of German Army marked pistols from WWII.  It is also one of the most interesting, since it is in essence a Nazi German Colt .45.  Here is the story.  Colt licensed its design to the Norwegian Vapenfabrik at Koenigsberg.  With a few minor exterior modifications, this .45 caliber pistol became the Norwegian side arm.  When Germany overran Norway in 1941, these Norwegian made Colts were now under the control of Nazi Germany.  It was not until 1945 that a waffenamt acceptance mark was placed on a Norwegian 1914.  Earlier dates were just as German, just not marked as such.

This piece is 1945 dated, waffenamt marked, in excellent original condition, all matching with all 4 correct magazines, the correct rare holster, and the 3 pocket spare magazine pouch.


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